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The New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists Incorporated (NZAPH) is the longest standing organisation concerned with the advancement of knowledge and professional practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in New Zealand. The NZAPH was established in 2000 and incorporates two associations: The NZ Hypnotherapists Association (established in 1960) and the NZ Guild of Hypnotherapists (established in 1992).

  • increasing public awareness and mainstream acceptance of hypnosis as an effective health tool;

  • supplying continuing education for members;

  • sharing ideas and techniques;

  • encouraging high standards of professional conduct and ethics;

  • assisting members in the marketing of their business; and

  • lobbying against legislation that would place unjustified restrictions on the practice of hypnotherapy by qualified individuals.

The NZAPH has a written Constitution, a Code of Ethics and disciplinary procedures that guide the professional standards for its members.

Membership is open to anyone interested in, or practicing hypnotherapy. To be eligible to use the NZAPH name, logo or initials in their advertising, members must first prove to the Examination Board that they are suitably qualified, proficient in the use of hypnotherapeutic techniques, and in working with clients.

Current executive team 

President  Meredith McCarthy

Vice President Richard Hall

Secretary and Treasurer Teresa Saunders

Membership secretary Terry Keillor

Current committee members

Keri Onyewu, Teresa George; Jutta Mark;

Ongoing training and professional development


The NZAPH provides regular ongoing training and group supervision programmes, where emphasis is placed on increasing therapeutic competence and sharing of ideas and experiences. Recordings of training sessions are available for members unable to attend in person.  Practicing members are required to continue their education, and to improve their competency level by meeting the NZAPH's annual professional development requirements.  

For training info click this link



Mentoring by Professional and Honorary Life members for hypnotherapy students and less experienced members is available.


Clinical Supervisors

This is the list of our Professional members that are available to set up one to one clinical supervision please clink on there name to find out more information and to get in touch.

Click on NZAPH Membership Inquiry Information  



NZAPH Entry levels

  1. Provisional Membership - for people who have completed their clinical hypnotherapy academic qualification, but have limited practice as a hypnotherapist.    

    Applicants must complete a minimum of a year of practicing and supervision before they can apply for professional membership. The NZAPH can suggest supervision options should you require this. The maximum time allowed to remain at this level is three years.

    To join at the provisional level fill out the online form by clicking here.

  2. Professional Membership - for people who have completed their clinical hypnotherapy academic qualification and have a minimum of 150 clinical practice hours.  Evidence of practice experience and ongoing supervision must be provided to the organisation. The final step is an interview with the Examination Board.


Find out more about the process

About the NZAPH

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