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Terms and Conditions for Training Course Application


1. Application Fee:

An application fee of $75 NZD is required for all course submissions reviewed by the New Zealand Association of professional hypnotherapists Inc (NZAPH). This fee covers administrative costs and is strictly non-refundable.


2. Review Process:

Upon submission, each application will be assessed against the standards and requirements set forth by the NZAPH. Our evaluation aims to ensure that each course meets the high standards expected for clinical hypnotherapy training.


3. Feedback and Amendments:

If an application does not meet the necessary requirements, the NZAPH will provide detailed feedback to the applicant. The applicant will then have a three-month period from the receipt of this feedback to address and amend the course content according to the guidance provided.


4. Resubmission:

After amending the course, the applicant may resubmit their application for review at no additional cost, provided this is done within the aforementioned three-month period. This is intended to encourage improvement and ensure that all courses meet our educational standards.


5. Additional Charges:

If the applicant fails to resubmit the revised course within the three-month period, and wishes to continue with the accreditation process, a new application will be required along with a new administrative fee of $75 NZD. This condition is applied to encourage timely responses and ensure efficient processing of applications.


6. Agreement to Terms:

By submitting an application for course accreditation, the applicant agrees to these terms and conditions. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their submission complies with NZAPH standards and to respond promptly to any feedback provided.

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