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2024 NZAPH Conference

Adam Cox

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Key Note Speaker 

Degree in Psychology, Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (both at Distinction)

Adam Cox is a hypnotherapist, working from Harley Street before the pandemic, and is now most well known as the host of The Hypnotist podcast. The show features real hypnosis sessions with real clients while protecting the confidentiality of the client. Adam has published over 1,100 episodes and has an audience of over 400,000 downloads monthly with more than 7 million hypnosis downloads in total.

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1st presentation

Hypnosis and the Fourth Dimension: Beyond Time and Space: Is Hypnosis The Portal to the 4th Dimension?

Join hypnotherapist and host of ‘The Hypnotist’ podcast, Adam Cox, for an enlightening talk on the fascinating interplay between hypnosis and the dimensions of our universe. In this engaging presentation, Adam will delve into the differences between the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dimensions, providing a captivating exploration of how these concepts relate to our understanding of reality and the transformative power of hypnosis.
Adam begins by contrasting the 2nd and 3rd dimensions – the realms of length, width, and depth that frame our physical world. He then ventures into the intriguing realm of the 4th dimension, often associated with time or spacetime in physics. This dimension transcends the physical constraints of the first three, adding a dynamic element of duration and change.
With his extensive experience in hypnotherapy, Adam proposes a compelling argument: through hypnosis, we can tap into the 4th dimension, navigating the fluid landscape of time and space in our subconscious mind and imagination. He explains how hypnosis allows us to access past experiences, envision future possibilities, and even reshape our perception of present realities – feats that challenge the linear laws of time and space as we know them.


Objectives for "Hypnosis and the Fourth Dimension: Beyond Time and Space" Presentation:


- **Understand the Basic Concepts of Different Dimensions**: Participants will gain a clear understanding of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dimensions, including their characteristics and how they differ from one another.


- **Comprehend the Role of the 4th Dimension in Hypnotherapy**: Attendees will learn about the concept of the 4th dimension as it relates to time and space, and how this dimension is relevant in the context of hypnotherapy.


- **Recognize Hypnosis as a Tool to Access the 4th Dimension**: Participants will be able to identify how hypnosis can serve as a gateway to experiencing and interacting with the 4th dimension. Hypnosis can be a metaphor for the 4th dimension or be considered the only way humans who exist in the 3rd dimension can experience an environment where the laws of spacetime don't apply.


- **Explore the Impact of Hypnosis on Time and Space Perception**: Attendees will understand how hypnosis can alter the perception of time and space, allowing for a unique exploration of past, present, and future experiences.


- **Appreciate the Therapeutic Applications of Hypnotic Time Travel**: Participants will learn about the potential benefits of accessing different time dimensions through hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, such as resolving past traumas or visualising future achievements.


- **Conceptualize Hypnotherapy as a Mind-Expanding Practice**: Attendees will develop an appreciation for hypnotherapy as a practice that extends beyond traditional boundaries, offering insights into the human psyche and its connection to the broader universe.


This presentation aims to not only impart knowledge about the dimensions and hypnotherapy but also to inspire participants to view hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for personal growth and understanding the lens through which we perceive reality.

2nd presentation

Your Marketing Plan

"Mastering Marketing in Hypnotherapy"

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Abstract: Dive into the essentials of marketing specifically tailored for hypnotherapists with Adam Cox. This session aims to demystify the process of promoting your practice, enhancing visibility, and attracting the right clients. Discover effective strategies for digital marketing, leveraging social media, and content creation to establish a strong online presence. Adam will share insights from his successful career, highlighting practical steps to build brand authority and foster client relationships. This presentation is a must-attend for any hypnotherapist looking to grow their practice in today's digital age.

Tim Box

Key Note Speaker

Tim Box DipCAH, HPD, FMAHA, MNCH (reg) is a mind coach and remedial hypnotist who has successfully run a flourishing full time therapeutic practice for the last 13 years as well as spending three years as an associate of one of the top practices in London's Harley Street.

 After escaping the family plumbing business in 2009 he was originally trained in hypnosis at the world renowned Hypnoarts Academy by Jonathan Chase. Tim went on in 2014 to become one of only a handful of people in the world to be awarded a fellowship of the academy, as well as eventually becoming one of their senior trainers.

 In 2015 Tim created his CONTROL system based on his experiences with clients and the learnings from thousands of 1 to 1 sessions. Tim now teaches his method throughout the world and has qualified more than 100 CONTROL Practitioners in the UK, Europe, the United States and Australia. He also mentors practitioners and regularly gives talks and demonstrations about the power of the mind. In 2017 Tim released his first book: Clear Your Head, a guide to enjoying life without anxiety getting in the way. It quickly became an Amazon number 1 bestseller in its category. Tim is also an accomplished public speaker and regularly delivers talks on hypnosis, mindset, and how to improve your thinking. In 2019 he gave his first TED talk entitled ‘How to stop feeling anxious about anxiety’ which has now been viewed by over two million people


Practical Ways Of Working Without Trance  2 hours

No inductions, no language patterns and no scripts.

Having worked without any type of trance or 'eyes closed' model for the last eight years in his full time hypnotherapeutic practice, Tim’s presentation will show how to work trance free with all types of client and explain why this is potentially a much more impactful and empowering way of working than traditional trance based methods.

Tim will explain and demonstrate how we establish direct communication with a client’s subconscious without being a slave to a formal hypnotic structure or framework.
This will be a hands on session with time to practice the techniques as you learn.

Tim will also explain how working this way enables us to make sure we never hear a client say 'it didn't work’.

Debbs Murray 

Key Note Speaker 

Utilising a Lived Experience Lens to explore Coercive Control in Family Violence BAppSci (Psych), Dip ChAdPsych, DipChPsych, DipHlthHumBeh


Debbs is a victim survivor of family violence and is the founder, content developer and trainer, of ECLIPSE Family Violence Services. Debbs uses her lived experience to increase workforce and community capability in order to better inform safe family violence practice and response. ECLIPSE has created four core concepts that have been developed from a Victim Survivor Lived Experience Lens that are now being utilised nationally and internationally.


Debbs is going to take this opportunity to talk to you about the need for strong sectoral and social awareness of primary victim resistance strategies, removal of personal and professional expectation and bias, in order to reduce judgment and allow families to be self-determining in their healing.  ECLIPSE practice from and teach the need for dignity enhancing practice, and person centric response. 


Debbs highlights the importance of recognising the true position of coercive control in the context of family violence.  That how in realising that coercive control is a Multi-faceted Entrapment concept, we can then explore and recognise how inadequate sectoral and social response can and does further entrap.  ECLIPSE believes that Coercive Control is an Umbrella Tactic and exists in every perpetrated act of family violence to construct Whole of Person Entrapment.


ECLIPSE truly take attendees on a journey into the realities of family violence.

Sara Wilson

Sara Wilson.jpg

The Magic Carpet Ride - A Gentle Protocol for working with Children




In this presentation attendees will learn the Magic Carpet Ride protocol. A gentle way to work with children and teens to build

self-esteem, resolve time-rooted issues and call on higher guidance to spread love, happiness and confidence to all younger and older

versions of the child. I will share case studies of children who have used this protocol to overcome their problems and Attendees will get to both experience the protocol and use it in a workshop style component of the presentation.


Duration: 1 hour


I first became interested in hypnotherapy when I came across a book on past life regression in the library and had some amazing and memorable experiences using the scripts in that book. Then in 2015 my son Jake was diagnosed with Leukemia. During his journey he encountered a lot of setbacks. The most notable an inability to swallow medication which let to him having to take the liquid form of the medicine and eventually having to be prescribed anti-anxiety medication in order to be calm enough to take the meds. I remember at one point thinking “Its a mind block” and I wondered if Hypnotherapy would be the answer. At this stage his phobia of medication was so strong that even putting a sprinkle on his tongue and trying to swallow it was enough to make him vomit. So I took him to a hypnotherapist in Christchurch, she spend about 30 mins with him and when he came out he said he could do it and then proved it to me. I signed up to train as a hypnotherapist the same day and now have a passion for working both with children and those living with a cancer diagnosis. I am also a trainer for the NZSPH and have created a course for those who want to work with Children called “Positive Young Minds”. I have been a speaker at the New Zealand Institute of Sport and the Child Cancer Foundation.

Morella Lascurain


MindBody therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Organisation: Mother-Well Holistic Health


The Community Cure Abstract:


Are you limiting your practice to seeing clients one-on-one? What if you could offer your skills and services to groups? At times when clients fail to seek care as they struggle with the cost of living, this is a more affordable approach that offers many other advantages. Group sessions and programmes create communities where members continue to support each other after your work is done, reduce the stigma of illness, and encourage clients to gain agency over their health. Group experiences also trigger conversations that can contribute to rapidly establishing you as an expert in your field and a leader in your community. In this talk, Morella Lascurain will share her experience with groups and show you how to get started running sessions or programmes that work for you and your clients. 


Duration: 1 hour


My story: Morella Lascurain graduated Magna Cum Laude from medical school in 1993 and worked in general practice, emergency and trauma care in Venezuela, her country of origin. She was training in orthopaedic surgery when her frantic lifestyle as a medical resident had such an impact on her health, she decided to walk away from the practice of conventional medicine.Her journey led her to New Zealand in 2000, where she developed a profound interest in natural therapies, and in 2003, she co-founded Mother-Well Holistic Health, a multidisciplinary integral health centre in Auckland. Fascinated by the link between mind and physical illness, she has dedicated over 18 years to the study and practice of MindBody healthcare modalities. Having completed postgraduate studies in MindBody Healthcare at AUT University and trained in Strategic Coaching and Ayurveda, she certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist 2013. Since then, hypnotherapy has become her main tool to help clients struggling with physical and mental illness. Morella is an international speaker and an experienced educator. She regularly facilitates workshops and retreats for professionals and clients.


I have spoken at previous NZAPH conferences, multiple times at the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) conference, NZ associations naturopaths and herbalist conferences, and internationally at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference (USA) and Hypnothoughts (USA).

Pollin Kamell and Richard Hall


Pollin Kamell

B.Sc. (Psyc), Dip.Clin.Hyp., Adv.Cert.Couns., Grad.Cert.PsycSoc., NZAPH member 

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Developmental Coach

"ReEmergence: Transforming the Soul State"


Pollin Kamell and Richard Hall introduce 'ReEmergence', a powerful modality focusing on the development of the soul. This technique has shown profound results in recalibrating life paths and enhancing overall well-being. Attendees will learn about the history, application, and transformative potential of working with the soul state through ReEmergence.


Pollin has been called into the field of human development since her early teens and that has paved her way to where she is at now.

Over the last 20+ years, Pollin has had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life, of all ages and from different backgrounds, locally and abroad.  She has been trained in many modalities, including but not limited to psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, counselling,

child psychotherapy, NLP, BodyTalk™, Psych-K™, life coaching, soul regression, Life Between Lives™ and Interactive Drawing Therapy™.

Prior to stepping into the therapeutic field, Pollin worked in the public sector assisting troubled youth overcome life struggles and individuals released from prison transition back into the community. In her first 15 years of private clinical practice as a clinical hypnotherapist, Pollin specialised in the harder cases, helping individuals and families

overcome the effects of abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety and addictions; and continues to do so.

As a Developmental Coach, she has worked with national and international top athletes, award winning business professionals and individuals in the Hollywood film industry.

More recently, Pollin has evolved her private practice to focus on working predominantly with the development of the soul. This is an extension of her work over the years after she developed a process called ReEmergence in the early 2000s.

ReEmergence is a very powerful modality that allows the practitioner to work with the soul state to change the blueprint of the soul to recalibrate their life path. When used as a

therapeutic tool, it creates wonderful results but when used correctly in the soul state, the impact can be even more profound.

She has trained several practitioners in this technique over the years and is now open to share more with those who are keen to learn about how to work with the soul state.


Richard Hall


Occupation: Clinical Therapist at Mind Support, Opunake

Background: With 30 years in the Fire Service and extensive experience in trauma and counselling, Richard has dedicated his life to finding more effective therapy methods. His journey through NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and ongoing academic studies reflects his commitment to improving mental health care. Besides his professional achievements, Richard enjoys motorcycling, singing with The Schooners, and spending time with his family.


This session is designed for professionals seeking innovative approaches in trauma therapy. It showcases Richard’s dedication to improving mental health outcomes and introduces a potentially game-changing technique for attendees to consider.

Pamm Millage JP

Pamm Millage (2).jpg

Pamm Millage JP

Reg. Professional Hypnotherapist; Spiritual Psychologist; Energy Healer

Ascension Dynamics



Understanding the nuances of hypnotherapy is essential for any practitioner in the field. The fundamentals of working with human consciousness are continually honed over years of practice, sharing,supervision, and learning. It is to be applauded that our community of therapists so avidly stays curious, open- minded, and dedicated

to health and wellbeing. In the bigger picture of awareness, however, where nothing can be described as ‘new,’ there are some lesser-known aspects that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of any therapy or coaching session both for the practitioner and the client. This awareness and its activation has the potential to exponentially influence the welfare of a struggling global community; currently evidenced by a chaos of conflict and environmental disasters. Converse to keeping up with the latest research and developments; the vital ingredient that has been traditionally ignored within our profession, secular psychology, and medical science is an age-old wisdom that is ‘screaming’ to be heard at this crucial time in humanity’s evolution.


As a Past President of the NZAPH and a long-time advocate of hypnotherapy, I am driven to share this diamond of wisdom, which has resulted from my own personal experiences and passionate research within the realms of holistic wellbeing. The power of hypnotherapy lies not only in the techniques we use but also in the

deep connection and understanding we cultivate within ourselves and our clients and the command we hold over the influences of hidden energies that surround us all. Being willing to leave individual ‘subjective’ truths on the shelf is something we are always encouraged to do at conference, allowing our own minds to extend into other possible dimensions where more growth and resilience is waiting.


In my 2 hour presentation attendees will gain:


1. A lucid understanding of the profound influence of thoughts and emotions on  mass consciousness.


2. Insight into the hidden dangers and pitfalls of operating without awareness of this phenomenon.


3. Revelation of case studies and real-life examples illustrating the impact of mass consciousness - personally and within therapeutic settings.


4. Practical strategies for navigating and harnessing the power of mass consciousness.


5. Vital procedures that can enhance therapeutic effectiveness and personal growth.


6. Time permitting, interactive discussion and exercises to deepen

understanding and practical application.




Pamm embarked on her exploration of human consciousness in the 1970s, delving into parapsychology and spiritual psychotherapy. Her journey included practices like numerology, kinesiology, and colour psychotherapy, revealing both light and dark aspects of human emotion. In the 1980s, she expanded her knowledge with studies in psychology and philosophy, enhancing her ability to work with clients alongside her corporate career and subsequently within her professional hypnotherapy

practice established in 1992. In 2008, an accident shifted her path, leading to profound insights into society's materialistic focus. Despite facing a 'dark night of the soul,' this experience became a transformative gift, empowering her to embrace her strengths.


Since then, Pamm, known for her resilience and commitment to finding

the gift in every challenge, has shared her wisdom with peers in the United States and Australasia. Her personal motto, to 'enhance every space she enters,' reflects her dedication to making a positive impact. As an accomplished author, Pamm enjoys using her unique expression to inspire others, and she looks forward to bringing this inspiration to the NZAPH 2024 Conference.

Meredith McCarthy


Meredith McCarthy
Reg. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder of the NZACH,

Current President of the NZAPH

"Engaging the Inner Compass: A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Addiction."


One hour presentation


Join Meredith McCarthy, a seasoned clinical hypnotherapist with over 31 years of experience. Dive into the depths of the addiction mindset and explore innovative hypnotherapy techniques that address the physical, emotional, and habitual facets of addiction.


Discover the Three Keys to Relaxing – learn to harness the power of breath, body language, and mental focus to initiate profound relaxation responses. Meredith will guide you through the transformative power of belief and how it can reshape the journey towards recovery.


This presentation will also introduce the 'Three D's'—Detachment, Determination, and Direction—as pivotal strategies in breaking the chains of addiction. Whether you're a practicing clinician, a student of psychology, or simply interested in the therapeutic potential of hypnotherapy, this session will provide valuable insights and practical techniques for fostering resilience and self-empowerment in the face of addiction.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of New Zealand's leading hypnotherapy experts. Empower your practice and your life with the pioneering strategies and compassionate wisdom of Meredith McCarthy.

NZAPH Taupo Conference 2023
picture of all the presenters from the conference
NZAPH Conference Wrap-up

The NZAPH Conference has now come to a close, and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended. Your presence made this event truly memorable, and we hope you had an enriching experience.

A special thank you goes out to our esteemed speakers who shared their expertise and knowledge, making the conference an incredible learning opportunity. We appreciate their valuable contributions and the impact they had on our attendees.

We are pleased to announce that recordings of all the conference sessions are now available. These recordings are provided free of charge to all those who attended the event. If you were a participant, you can access the recordings at no cost.

For those who missed the conference or would like to revisit the sessions, we offer the recordings for purchase. you can acquire the entire set of conference recordings for only $95, providing comprehensive access to all the valuable content presented throughout the event.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the valuable insights shared at the NZAPH Conference. Whether you attended or not, these recordings offer a chance to expand your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest advancements in the field.

Thank you once again to everyone who made the NZAPH Conference a resounding success. We look forward to continuing our commitment to educational excellence and serving our community.

Buy your copy of the live recordings from the NZAPH 2023 Conference
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