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picture of Richard Hall
Richard Hall

Current Vice President of the NZAPH 

Helping you to create the best version of yourself

Richard is a Registered Professional Hypnotherapist with the NZAPH, and a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist with Hypnosis New Zealand, as well as a NLP Practicioner and an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist


In 2021 he was awarded the ‘Bark Certificate of Excellence Award’ for his consistent and multiple 5 star reviews from his clients..

He has undertaken multiple courses in mental health and wellbeing with some of the world’s top specialists. He then integrates this knowledge into his own sessions, to ensure he provides the best quality service he can to ensure positive change in his clients.

Check out his numerous 5 star reviews and testimonials on Google, Bark, and on his website to see what others say about him.

Services I offer

Richard specialises in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, and pain.

He utilises neuroscience, evolution, psychology, breath-work, mindfulness, guided visualisations, and hypnotherapy to create incredible positive change within you.

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Some of the many examples of his reviews:


★★★★★ 5 stars I had been trying very hard, by myself, and then with various practitioners, to deal with anxiety. After 4 years, and not much progress, depression set in and I lost myself in that black hole. My wonderful husband suggested I try seeing Richard at Mind Support. On arrival to our first session I felt very anxious and vulnerable. Once settled in the lazyboy, with a blanket on my knee, and a wonderful view out the window, so I didn’t have to talk face-to-face if I couldn’t, I began to slowly settle. We discussed what was going on for me, and he explained the process. My investment at this point was minimal, as all I could do was cry every time I opened my mouth. Richard was sooo patient, allowing me to respond to questions in my own time, which at that point, made things very slow (sorry Richard).


As the weekly sessions went on, I gradually, with guidance, began to chip away at the anxiety, with strategies to address and alter my inner thought processes. Each new strategy took me very gradually forward, until I began to feel different in myself, and a little bit of happiness began to creep in. The final Timeline exercise was a long process, but the benefits were great. I walked away from that last session feeling myself again, and wondered how long I could hold on to that for. I didn’t need to worry about that though, as Richard had given me all the tools along the way to address the first signs of anxiety or depression as they came up. They are simple strategies. And they literally saved my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Vicky M. 2021

★★★★★ 5 stars Through therapy sessions with Richard, I have been able to review and question beliefs I hadn’t even realised had been holding me back. He gently introduced tools and techniques to help calm my chatterbox brain and bring perspective to my situation.


With Richard’s patience, support and kindness, I was able to work through documenting my timeline, through to participation in the timeline therapy session, which helped resolve, reveal, review, rediscover and reset who I truly am.


I emerged feeling whole, connected and positively enchanted to be me. trust the process, do the work, you are in safe hands with Richard. Thank you.

Emily L. 2021

★★★★★ 5 stars Wow! Thank you so much for the sessions, it has personally and literally ‘UPLIFTED’ me to a higher place! I believe I have found a new ‘VERSION’ of me, and all accredited to your wisdom and guidance.


Richard has opened up doors/emotions that I never knew I had, in a positive way.


I am at ease with myself and now a better ‘version’ of myself. I would encourage all men to seek help, from a physical, emotional, or spiritual positive need.

T.L. 2021


Clinic Location

Clinic location: Opunake and Zoom

Support & Management

Credentials and specialization:

Maintains a NZ Police Check.

Maintains a NZ Certificate for Working with Children

Maintains a First Aid Certificate in Mental Health

Bachelor of Science, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, N.L.P. Practitioner, Acceptance & Commitment Therapist (ACT)

Human Givens Institute trained in: anxiety, depression, addiction, anger management, couples counselling, Compassionate Inquiry Therapist and many more.

Trained in ‘Compassionate Inquiry’ by Gabor Matè.

Grief Counselling by Russ Harris (A.C.T.)

Support & Management for:

Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Trauma, PTSD, Grief Counselling and more (Please ask).


With Richard Hall

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