NZAPH Membership enquiry information//

Membership classes

  • Non-Practicing

  • Honorary

  • Honorary Life

  • Provisional

  • Professional

  • Registered Professional Member

Non-Practicing Member

Is not currently practicing or is not qualified to practice. link to the form

Honorary Member

Is recognised by the Membership Committee for their significant contribution to the NZAPH or the hypnotherapy profession in New Zealand. 

Honorary Life Member

A member of the NZAPH who is recognised by the Membership Committee for their contribution to the NZAPH or the hypnotherapy profession in New Zealand.

Provisional Member

Is studying towards a qualification in hypnotherapy or working towards Professional Membership. link to the form

Professional Member


  • Is over the age of 21;

  • Holds a qualification in hypnotherapy;

  • Has been in practice for more than 12 months and completed a minimum of 150 hours working with clients;

  • Undertakes at least six hours of clinical supervision per year, one on one or group; and

  • Is committed to ongoing professional development 

link to the form

Registered Professional

Meets the requirements of Professional Membership, plus

  • Maintains a police check

  • Holds full indemnity and liability insurance

  • Holds an up to date first aid certificate

  • Undertakes at least six hours of clinical supervision per year, one on one.

link to the form

Refer to the Constitution for full definitions of membership classes.

Reciprocal membership

Members of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association are able to apply to the Management Committee for reciprocal membership.

Membership fees

Annual subscriptions

First year free to any students or new clinical hypnotherapists coming in from any of the recognised training schools. To check the list of schools please follow this link


  • Non-Practising                       $50

  • Provisional                             $120

  • Professional membership      $120

  • Registered Professional        $120

  • A nominal one-off administration fee of $50 to upgrade from Provisional to Professional will apply. 


All annual subscriptions must be paid by 1 April.  Payments received after 1 April will incur a 10% penalty.

All fees are inclusive of GST.

Benefits of Membership


Annual Conference

The NZHF generally organises an annual hypnotherapy conference that coincides with the NZAPH AGM; and gives members the opportunity to network, earn professional development points and display merchandise.


Continued Education Meetings

Online training meetings are becoming more popular for our membership.  These meetings are primarily educational where presenters, and/or open forums cover topics of interest and relevance to our profession.  They are also a great place to keep in touch with colleagues and to add to the professional development hours required to keep your membership valid. Many of these meetings are free to membership; however, some may incur a small fee to cover incidental costs. Visitors are usually welcome to attend on applying to the committee
(a small fee may be charged for visitors).


Mentor System

Providing personal support, guidance and suggestions from Professional and Honorary Life members; on request you will be advised of a panel of mentors close to your area with whom you can consult.



Monthly group supervision for members is available online; details of which are available on request please click here to find out more.

This is the list of our Professional members that are available to set up one to one clinical supervision please clink on there name to find out more information and to get in touch.


Mentoring by Professional and Honorary Life members for hypnotherapy students and less experienced members is available.



The professional benefits in belonging to the NZAPH and adhering to its Rules and Ethics, creates the public credibility necessary in practising hypnotherapy.



Once you have attained Professional Member status, you are permitted to advertise your membership of the Association and use the NZAPH logo in your promotional material.

Public Directory of Members

Professional and Honorary members can have their clinic details available for public access on the NZAPH website.  Links to individual websites via the directory can help the public find services in their area. click here to find a member

Website – Members’ Forum and Communication

NZAPH membership provides you access to a members’ forum through the NZAPH website; where members can actively post topics of interest, share their developments, raise questions for discussion, or request further information in a specific area of hypnotherapy that their professional colleagues may be able to contribute to.

Although we have distributed regular e-newsletters in the past, members are now encouraged to add value in short blogs or videos in the members’ forum.  For items of significant interest to the Association, such as events and special notices; membership will be emailed separately by the committee.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Discounted professional indemnity insurance for members is available. Click here for more details


Upgrade to Professional Membership

Applicants should provide proof of having done at least 500 hours of study at a reputable clinical hypnotherapy school (course should include 120 hrs practical hands-on classroom experience).  The applicant should be prepared to demonstrate to the examination committee knowledge and/or experience on the following subjects:

(subject to change at the discretion of the executive committee)


  • Hypnotic Induction Techniques, Supportive Hypnosis, Hypno-Analysis, Age Regression, Post Hypnotic Suggestion, Ideomotor Questioning, the Conscious and Subconscious Minds, the Principles and Laws of Suggestion ...

  • Counselling techniques

  • The psychological appraisal of clients; Neuroses, Psychoses, Depression, Psychosomatic, Stress...

  • Therapies for Smoking, Slimming, Anxiety, Stuttering, Migraine, Study and Memory improvement, Sexual problems, Hypnosis in childbirth, Enuresis, Skin disorders, Phobias, Insomnia ...

  • Human sexuality, Sexual dysfunction, Anatomy and Physiology ...

  • An overview of various psychotherapies as used in hypnotherapy

  • Client Management, Professional and Ethical Practice, Hypnosis and NZ Law

  • The Constitution, Rules and Ethics of the NZAPH Inc.

A nominal one-off administration fee of $50 to upgrade from Provisional to Professional will apply.