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Becoming a member of the NZAPH 

Who are the NZAPH?


The NZAPH is an independent non-profit incorporated society established to promote practicing standards and professionalism for hypnotherapists, and to increase the New Zealand public's awareness of the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy. For many years we have been at the forefront of developments in the NZ hypnotherapy profession.

Membership of the NZAPH is available at four levels:

1. Non practicing member - for people that have an interest in hypnotherapy or are retired hypnotherapist's who would like to learn and share information with other hypnotherapists in the NZAPH.
2. Provisional Membership - for people who have completed their clinical hypnotherapy

academic qualification, but have limited practice as a hypnotherapist.
Applicants must complete a minimum of a year of practicing and supervision before they can apply for professional membership.


3. Professional Membership - for people who have completed their clinical hypnotherapy academic qualification and have a minimum of 150 clinical practice hours. Evidence of practice experience and ongoing supervision must be provided to the organisation. The final step is an interview with the Examination Board


4. Registered Professional Membership - Meets the requirements of Professional Membership, plus

  • Maintains a police check

  • Holds full indemnity and liability insurance

  • Holds an up to date first aid certificate

Undertakes at least six hours of clinical supervision per year, one on one.

Benefits of Becoming a Member
NZAPH Group Clinical Supervision

The NZAPH have a monthly program of Group Clinical Supervision and offer this free of charge to members of the NZAPH.

Benefits of Attending Group Supervision Sessions:
  • Assist participants to maximize professional standards of conduct

  • Ensure safe efficient and appropriate therapeutic interventions with clients.

  • Validate and refine present skill/ knowledge base.

  • Identify areas of potential growth and recommend access to resources.

  • Increase personal and professional confidence.

  • Contribute meaningfully to the development of hypnotherapeutic skills and competence

    among your colleague / members of the NZAPH and as a direct result to the development

    of hypnotherapy in New Zealand.

  • Recognize the benefits of a group supervision process in order to support member

    consideration of developing smaller Peer Supervision groups.


These groups are held on the Zoom platform, so an Internet connection is all you need to join. No travel, no parking, and minimise your time investment.


Continued Education Meetings

Online free training meetings are a popular feature for our membership. These meetings are primarily educational where presenters, and/or open forums cover topics of interest and relevance to our profession. They are also a great place to keep in touch with colleagues and to add to the professional development hours required to keep your membership valid. These meetings are recorded and published to the membership area of our website so that you can review them later if you are unable to attend.

Typical topics which have been presented include:

  • Working with anxiety teaching the relaxation response how to promote mindfulness into your therapy as a hypnotherapist

  • Working with Children

  • Creative inductions

  • Promoting your business by finding your message

  • Looking after your data base and building up your email list

  • Creating a solid foundation for your hypnotherapy business looking at what to avoid

Mentor System

Providing personal support, guidance and suggestions from Professional members; on request you will be advised of a panel of mentors close to your area with whom you can consult.

One on One Clinical Supervision

The NZAPH encourages members to participate in monthly one on one Clinical Supervision sessions. These are especially valuable for provisional members who are new to hypnotherapy and building up their practice. We have a number of our Professional members who are trained in clinical supervision and are available to set up one to one clinical supervision. A list of Clinical Supervisors is provided on our website.


The professional benefits in belonging to the NZAPH and adhering to its Rules and Ethics, creates the public credibility necessary in practising hypnotherapy.

Advertising NZAPH Membership

Once you have attained Professional Member status, you are permitted to advertise your membership of the Association and use the NZAPH logo in your promotional material.

Public Directory of Members

Professional members can have their clinic details available for public access on the NZAPH website. Links to individual websites via the directory can help the public find services in their area.

Website – Members’ Forum and Communication

NZAPH membership provides you access to a members’ forum through the NZAPH website; where members can actively post topics of interest, share their developments, raise questions for discussion, or request further information in a specific area of hypnotherapy that their professional colleagues may be able to contribute to.

For items of significant interest to the Association, such as events and special notices; membership will be emailed separately by the committee.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Discounted professional indemnity insurance for Professional members is available.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the NZAPH, once you filled out this form below we will get back to you as soon as we can to advise if you have been successful with your application. If you have further question please feel free to send us an email and we are happy to help in any way. You are welcome to sign up to our members area where you will find blogs and recorded professional development meetings.

Making payments to the NZAPH link

Step 1. Please fill in the online form or download the become a Member of the NZAPH PDF Download Form and post or scan and send back to us so we can process your application.

Step 2. Download and fill out this Vetting Service Request & Consent Form for a police check this is in word format to be filled out with appropriate ID that can be sited and verified

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