NZAPH Code of Ethics //


  1. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times and abide by the Code of Ethics, Rules and Constitution of the Association. Failure to do so shall result in disciplinary action.

  2. Members shall recognise an obligation toward the client at all times, and shall practice their profession to the best of their ability for the benefit of the client. The client's comfort, welfare and future health must always have priority.

  3. Members shall recognise their level of competence and shall refer clients to a specialist or another member competent to deal with any presenting symptom or problem beyond their capability.

  4. Members shall keep in confidence all information derived from a client, or from a colleague, regarding a client and, except where the law requires otherwise, divulge the information only with the express permission of the client, or where failure to take action would constitute a menace or danger to the client or another member of the community.

  5. Members shall give due respect to fellow members of the Association at all times so as to avoid any action which may lead to a dispute or difference or controversy. Should any dispute or difference arise, members concerned shall make a determined endeavour to settle it between themselves. Should agreement not be reached they shall submit it for settlement in accordance with the rules of the Association.

  6. Members shall not make any claims to secret techniques, nor offer guarantees regarding the results of any services, or exploit a client for financial gain through inferences or misrepresentation.

  7. Members' premises shall be maintained in a professional, safe and hygienic manner.

  8. Members shall not knowingly interfere with any on-going treatment instigated by another practitioner whilst the client is under that practitioner's care.

  9. Members must ensure that advertisements and other public announcements are such as will not bring the Association into disrepute.

  10. Members shall display current Practising Certificates and Code of Ethics in a prominent position in their premises within easy viewing of the client.

    NZAPH Constitution and Code of Ethics MAY 2013