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Picture of Viv Adams

Viv Adams

Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hi, I’m Viv Adams, I’m a Professional Hypnotherapist and Mindset-reset Coach with a Diploma in Clinical and Adavnced Hypnotherapy from the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy. 
I provide authentic person-centred, solution-focussed hypnotherapy, and self-hypnosis and mindset lifestyle coaching. I love helping people free themselves from mental, emotional and physical limitations, so they really enjoy living, even better than before. 

Clients meet me in-person in my office in Regus, 218 George Street, Dunedin. And also live on-line, and via phone: 0210266106

My connection with hypnotherapy, and mindset & lifestyle coaching, began with my own journey back from concussion and chronic pain following a bad fracture. When these workplace injuries meant, I couldn’t return to my job in hospitality I was so shocked I felt stuck. 
Searching for real help to move forward, I found hypnotherapy & self-hypnosis, as well as health & life coaching. 
Achieving full recovery inspired me to train to help other people reconnect with our innate human ability to health our minds and bodies into sustainable well-being.

People come to me for help to gain freedom from Stuck. Such as, 
* managing unwanted stress and anxiety * releasing weight issues * stopping phobias/vaping/ smoking.

And when people begin moving forward many want better balance between work and their personal life, and to find time for fitness. As they achieve this balance, they’re finding the exciting bonus with returning to self-empowerment is we naturally lift personal and professional performance. This wonderful win/win brings even more satisfaction, freedom, resilience, happiness, and joy. 

My role in our partnership is guiding you to clarity and new perspectives.  I use evidence-based hypnotherapy and lifestyle coaching resources, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and powerful solution-focussed conversations. 

From the moment we meet you learn easy and fun to use personal power tools, boosting your energy levels and ensuring you receive optimum effectiveness and value.  Before you know it, you’re creating new patterns of feeling, behaving, and thinking that serve you better. Starter keys in our first conversation include self-kindness and smiling.

I live in on a small sheep farm in beautiful Waitati (just north of Dunedin), with my husband, Bob, our 2 working cats, and 8 free-range hens. I love drawing and creative writing, gardening, and walking on the beach. My current goal in progress is returning to running. Weekends are extra fun when our daughter, son-in-law, and 3 granddaughters visit.

Let’s chat, Viv


 Viv Adams

Clients meet me in-person in my office in Regus, 218 George Street, Dunedin. And also live on-line

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