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picture of Teresa George
Teresa George

Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Master NLP Practitioner

Hi, I’m Teresa, a proud mum of 3 adult children , Gran to my much loved Grandies (nanny Treez to my honorary ones) , aunty to her favourite nephew and his awesome wife, and Treez to anyone close to me.

Passionate about anything hypnosis, NLP(neuro linguistic programming) and mind hacking I set about to learn as much as I could, initially to use for my own journey, to manage my own challenges, and limiting self beliefs. In awe of what I found - simple but powerful techniques that can be called on at anytime, through our own mind with positive intent whenever we choose.

I fell in love with the freedom and empowerment gained by giving myself permission, the right to be authentically me, perfectly imperfect, the imagination to be curious and the right if I so chose to let my hair go grey!! Learning how to be the best bouncer/gatekeeper of my own mind has been life altering, it has become my mission to share these skills far and wide.

Dairy farming for over 20 years, I have an unbreakable connection to rural. I am not only schooled in hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP, but graduated with honours from the school of hard knocks. There is nothing that can shock me, chances are I have done it, experienced it somehow, or know someone who has. I pride myself on being void of all judgement, offering a down to earth, confidential, solution driven approach to helping you achieve your goals, working to find those positive intentions.

It is my belief that we hold the answers to whatever our truth is, true happiness lies within us, it is often just simply quietening our mind long enough to hear ourselves - and there, the conversation begins!


Teresa George

1 King Street

Palmerston North

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