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picture of Roger Saxelby
Roger Saxelby

Honorary Life Member go the NZAPH
Dip Psych. Hyp. Dip Adv. Hyp (USA) Dip Adv. Hyp (Aus.) IACT Master Hypnotherapy Trainer

You get Peace of Mind knowing that Roger is arguably the most experienced Hypnotherapist in New Zealand today. He  graduated in 1980 with a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and has conducted a full-time Hypnotherapy practice in Auckland since 1980.
He has completed many other training's and courses on Hypnosis, the mind, human behaviour, and more, in NZ and overseas since then, some with world renown trainers. He has also been training professional hypnotherapists since 1987. He has been featured in TV documentaries “Brain Power” and “Potential”. He has also appeared in “Downsize Me” and “Sticky TV”.

Roger specialises in helping clients get rid of Anxiety/Stress, Pain Management, Phobias and Quit Smoking. He has helped thousands of people with many different issues.
He offers a Free 30 minute, no obligation consultation You can discuss what you want to achieve and make sure you feel comfortable working with him. This is very important, whatever the therapy. Then you can get started on making positive change in your life.  

For more information check out details on the Alpha Hypnosis web site.  


Roger Saxelby
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