Pollin Kamell

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

Wishing you life's many blessings.

I am a Change Master and I help to facilitate change in people to create one's ReEmergence into freedom, fulfillment, success and inner peace. I live up to my vision of enabling individuals to live up to their highest realisation and personal potential.

My background training includes that in the modality of psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, counseling, psychotherapy, NLP, BodyTalk™, Psych-K™, life coaching, soul regression, Life Between Lives™, Interactive Drawing Therapy™ to name a few. 

As a registered clinical hypnotherapist operating in Auckland, I enjoy working with clients from all walks of life locally and abroad. 

My role lies within three main energy channels:  

     1.  Change Master to reignite one's soul inspiration and realign life intention
     2.  Speaker and Author in the areas of Life Potential and Consciousness
     3.  Professional Trainer for ReEmergence Therapy

In the beginning of my career after graduating from university, I enjoyed my most challenging professional years in the public sector where I worked specifically with troubled youth and individuals recently released from prison. My main focus then was to help them come to terms with their past and to enable them to integrate meaningfully into their society by reestablishing a clear route back into productive living, geared with valuable support systems.

In 1999, I left the public sector and proceeded to further my professional repertoire as a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist before setting up my private practice.  During this time, I also chose to reignite my earlier interest in the arena of Child Psychotherapy.

When I finished my postgraduate certificate, I found myself attracting into my clinic, clients severely stuck in life who had tried almost everything mainstream with the hope of reprieve but without much success. In their own words, many have shared that their decision to contact me was their 'last resort'. Therefore ... for almost a decade, I specialised in working with clients to overcome depression, let go of addiction, calm anxiety and release trauma by helping them rediscover that child aspect in them because, through this period of accumulated personal life experiences and professional practices, it became very apparent to me that whilst the mind (conscious and subconscious) is very capable of many wonders, true success is reflected not in working with any one single aspect but in mastering how to operate the mind and the person in totality, as one.

As a result of having worked in the field of life development therapy and human consciousness for over twenty years, I have come to understand the dynamic processes that people experience to effect life change successfully and I developed a very powerful set of processes of working with the complete self that fast tracks the process of consciousness shifts, allowing the individual to return back into personal balance within a shorter period of time.

Re-Emergence Therapy allows the practitioner to tap directly into one's consciousness and align the four main elements of being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) with life. This opens up the opportunity for years of limiting patterns and beliefs to be able to be shifted effectively within one to two sessions. As the founder and professional trainer for ReEmergence, we now have certified ReEmergence practitioners in NZ and Australia who uses the principles and techniques with their clients within their own modalities.  
To find out more about 'Re-Emergence', please visit (www.reemergencetherapy.com

In 2008, I was elected as President of the New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board Incorporated, having served two terms, I handed the reigns over after we had successfully revised and established several tighter foundational standards in which suitably qualified hypnotherapists could be vetted thoroughly by an independent professional registration board prior to becoming registered as a professional hypnotherapist with the New Zealand Hypnotherapists Registration Board inc.

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