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Picture of Daryl Gove
Darly Gove

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

Daryl Gove is a Scottish naturopath, medical herbalist, and hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. 


Studying natural medicine since 2002, Daryl has attended both Wellpark College and South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. He gained diplomas from, and went on to teach at both the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy (NZSPH), and the prestigious Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute (IHI) where he is head tutor. Daryl is also the NZ facilitator for Jan Sky's renowned Executive State Identification (ESI).


His unique knowledge and experience has allowed Daryl to specialise and have great success working with Medical Hypnotherapy. He is co-author of ‘the Vita Method’ - a groundbreaking approach to relieving back pain - and teaches Medical Hypnosis in New Zealand and online. 


Daryl’s unique approach involves utilising knowledge of anatomy and physiology to craft unique hypnotic interventions. This positive feedback loop of change uses holistic lifestyle interventions that work to complement hypnosis to create healing and change, as well as hypnosis to create change with diet and lifestyle.


Daryl has a passion for improving the quality of hypnosis in NZ as well as supporting hypnotherapists to gain the best outcome for their clients. He has been running small group supervision as well as 1 on 1 supervision for clinical hypnotherapists since 2017. He also takes great pride in developing ongoing education programs for hypnotherapists. These programs cover a range of specialised topics, such as ‘Spiritual Hypnosis’ and ‘Trauma Work with Children’. 


Continuing his love of education, Daryl presented at the 2023 NZAPH Hypnotherapy Conference on the topics of ‘Medical Hypnosis’ and ‘Working with Children’. Daryl is a regular public speaker and has enjoyed collaborating with other schools and organisations to provide lectures and lessons on many topics from weight loss and addiction, to hypnotic dreamwork, and working with clients suffering cancer diagnosis.


In his spare time, Daryl enjoys gardening, travel, spending time with his many nephews and nieces, and co-hosting with Caroline Cranshaw the wildly popular podcast, WTF Stories and Advice.


Daryl Gove



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