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NZAPH Conference 2023 recordings

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Experience the Best of NZAPH Conference 2023: Recordings Package We are delighted to present the NZAPH Conference 2023 Recordings Package, which includes exclusive access to all the recordings from this year's Taupo conference. The package offers a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best practitioners and experts in the field of hypnotherapy and personal development. The conference brought together ten incredible speakers who shared their knowledge, insights, and practical techniques with the attendees. Here's a brief overview of each speaker and their respective topics: Dave Mason: Personal Construct Theory Daryl Gove: Medical Hypnotherapy: Enhancing Healing and Recovery Dr. Robin Youngson: Havening Techniques: An Introduction Richard Hall: Case Study of a Client with a 25-Year Chronic Pain: Technique Demonstration Freddy Jacquin: The Power of Positive Emotion: A Vehicle for Change Freddy Jacquin: The Arrow Technique and Other Hypnotic Techniques for Change Andrew Hardwick: Environmental Trance & the NLP Logical Levels: A One-Hour Introduction Terry Keillor: Group Therapy Techniques: A Practical Workshop Daryl Gove: Working with Children: Hypnotherapy Techniques and Best Practices Meredith McCarthy: Integrating mBraining into Hypnotherapy: Enhancing Client Outcomes with Practical Techniques With the NZAPH Conference 2023 Recordings Package, you'll get the chance to revisit all these sessions and gain insights that you may have missed during the conference.

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