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Subscription renewal and annual practicing certificate 2022/2023

Membership Fees
Your 2024/25 subscription fees are due by 31 March 2024.

    • Membership fees
    • First annual subscription pro-rata based on the month you join.

    • Non-Practising $50

    • Provisional $130

    • Professional membership $150

    • Registered Professional $150

    • A nominal one-off administration fee of $50 to upgrade from Provisional to Professional will apply. 

    • Making payments to the NZAPH link

Late fees apply after 31 March 2024. All fees are inclusive of GST.

Receipts and Annual Practicing Certificates (where appropriate) will be issued upon receipt of payment and completion of declaration (see below). 


Internet banking details will be sent out with the confirmation email when you submit the form, please follow the instructions carefully.

Professional Development

Who needs to do professional development?

ALL Professional and “Practicing” Honorary Members are required to complete the required minimum of 15 hours’ on-going training per annum in order to receive an Annual Practicing Certificate. 

How many hours do I need to complete each year?

A minimum of 15 hours’ ongoing study/training/active learning over a one-year period is required to maintain Professional Member status and to meet the NZAPH Professional Development Requirements of your Annual Practicing Certificate.

What happens if I don't complete my professional development hours?

Failure to comply within three months from the due date (31 March) may cause the status of membership to be reduced to Non-Practicing Member. Should a Member fail to complete this requirement due to mitigating circumstances and that Member approaches the committee in confidence, then the committee may use its discretion to grant an extension of time.

What type of professional development do I need to have done?

Members are encouraged to undertake a range of professional development throughout the year.

Examples include:

  • Hypnotherapy Conference, Seminar or Workshop (Hour for hour)

  • Professional Peer Group Supervision (1 hour per Session.  Maximum 6 hours p.a.)

  • Publishing an article in NZAPH Newsletter, “Hypnopatter” or similar peer reviewed journal (1 hour per article. Maximum 4 hours p.a.)

  • Author or joint author of a published book on hypnotherapy (15 hours)

  • Book and/or DVD (1 hour per book or DVD  Maximum 4 hours p.a.)

  • Postgraduate Study in Hypnotherapy (Up to 15 hours)

  • Original presentation at a hypnotherapy seminar, workshop or conference (4 hours per original. 1 Hour per subsequent for same presentation)

  • Active learning: reading technical books, attending short/online courses/webinars (1 hour per item. Maximum 4 hours p.a.)

  • First Aid Certificate course (Maximum 5 hours p.a.)

  • Business management courses longer than 20 hours (Maximum 8 hours p.a.)

  • Volunteer work in hypnotherapy for a community-based agency or project (Hour for hour. Max 5 hours p.a.)

  • Subscription/s to a journal on hypnotherapy (2 hours per subscription. Max 4 hours p.a.)

  • Hypnotherapy examiners (1 or more exams. 5 hours p.a.)

  • Attendance at associated mind related seminars, workshops or conferences that can be applied to hypnotherapy (Hour for hour)

How do I show I've done my required hours?

Members are asked each year to declare they have undertaken the minimum hours required.


Members are also required to maintain a professional development log.  The log must be submitted as part of the annual declaration (see below). Do this first and by saving this on your computer so you can upload the file when you complete this form.
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