Murray Carter

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ballance Street
Waimairi Beach



New Zealand


03 390 1303

029 200 7821


Hello, I'm Murray Carter, MindCoach and Director of FuturePath MindCoaching.

My career has been in Sales, Marketing and Sales Management so I have a natural affinity with business and sales people. I understand the challenges you face on a daily basis because I have been there. Challenges such as meeting targets, handling rejection, cold calling, procrastination, stress and the list goes on. I work with you to 'change your mind' about these issues.

I also work with private clients on a wide range issues; anxieties, fears, self-esteem issues, health issues, stop smoking, weight management and many, many more…


In addition to cash or bank transfer, we accept most NZ issued credit cards. We can now also offer a pay-as-you-go plan over 10 weeks at no extra cost [no additional fees and no interest!]


Future Path Ltd is a registered Vendor of hypnotherapy services to ACC. Talk to your ACC Case Manager or Doctor about sending us a referral.

In 2004 I completed 135 hours of classroom study in Advanced Hypnotherapy with Alpha Hypnosis but it wasn’t until after the earthquakes in 2011 that I started FuturePath, initially part time and full time from 1 April 2014.

I was a Guest Presenter at the 2017 New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation National Conference.



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